Off Site Backup

Off Site Backup is WPNP signature loud enhanced data backup solution. As an off-site and secure backup solution, it eliminates the hassle of cape-based backup pollutions and reduces the risks of user airs in a creation or restoration of data backups. This flexible solution can support small to large businesses and multi-terabyte capacities. Offsite Backup automates schedules backups that copy data from your business to the WPNP loud environment. This mitigates the risk of losing data by copying off-site according to a backup schedule that is designed to address your company’s risk. With our backup as a service solution, you’ll be able to configure who has the right to backup and restore data on your servers and the number of restored points can uniquely be specified for every backup set. That means you can reasonably store as many generations updated as you choose, and all sort of generations are available for immediate restoration.

Off-site data back-up

What is it?

We offer an automated nightly data backup service that copies changed data files from your network to our data backup facility via your internet connection. You can configure the data backup system to save the files that are important to your organization. Off-site data storage is essential to any disaster recovery strategy and could save you valuable time and thousands of dollars in recovery fees and/or lost business if something happened to your existing storage system.

The data is encrypted and compressed prior to transmission to a secure WPNP storage server to guarantee secure data storage.

Why do I need it?

Most organizations rely on a tape backup system to save copies of their data. Unfortunately, tape backup systems are prone to failure. Tape drives also can fail altogether and leave you with no data backup. Our remote data backup strategy can augment or replace existing tape backup systems. It can be configured to backup data every night, 365 days a year, so you can get coverage on weekends and holidays that you probably don’t have now.

Imagine arriving to work one morning to find your office destroyed, you’ve lost everything, all of your paper, electronic documents, email messages, equipment and records for customers and employees, would your business survive? Disaster can strike any businesses anywhere, in the vast majority businesses are not prepared to handle the aftermath. With WPNP customized Disaster Recovery Program your business has a fighting chance for survival. No one wants to admit that they are in risk for catastrophe. Nonetheless, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. It is designed to help you resume your functionality after disruptive events. Since your ability to recover data and continue business operations, post disasters are only possible if you plan before an unexpected event occurs. We will work side by side with your business so you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Disaster recovery options include the basic recovery data following an event occurring of equipment malfunction. Some of our services include:

The question is simple: What would happen if your irreplaceable data was lost due to equipment failure, theft, fire, earthquake, or any other unanticipated event? Premise-based backup solutions can’t address those issues unless they have a cloud-based component.  The loss of data can be painful, from lost pictures of loved ones to a catastrophic business data loss putting down an entire company rendering it unable to function. We at WPNP address these issues with our Cloud Backup Solution – a simple, easy to use application that runs quietly in the background on your computer or server.

WPNP provides you with the cloud backup solution that you need to protect yourself and your business from unforeseen, disastrous events. This solution has all of the features that we were looking for, including top-notch security, ease of use, and affordability.  The solutions extend from the home to the enterprise user with the same basic principal in place – work as you normally would, while it works in the background automatically, continuously backing up all your files to the cloud!

A cloud backup solution is especially vital for businesses. Last year a study done by market research firm Regina Corso showed that 22% of companies suffered data loss, and over 47% of those companies recovered less than half of their original data. This can be disastrous for any size business, which is why protective measures must be put in place. At the Corporate level, WPNPs cloud backup solution is quick and simple to use. You can back up every computer in your office, plus every server on your network, for a very low cost when compared to the consequences of losing your business data.  The solution meets all the HIPAA, CPNI and SOX requirements, and will provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on what matters most – running your business!