Every business owner knows that your company can’t stop just because your internet does. That’s why business owners all over Imperial Valley have made the switch to WPNP. These are our business clients’ favorite things about WPNP high-speed internet.

Here's How We Get You Online

Step 1: Site Survey

There are many variables that go into a successful Installation of WPNP Broadband internet to your location. We will do a complete estimate of what we can do and go over what preferences you may have for attaching any of our equipment to your home or office, and to find out what you intend to do with your internet connection to best determine what Speed Plan to recommend. WPNP makes our best effort to ensure we can deliver what we promise and what you need or expect. A WPNP Technician will develop a plan to satisfy your requests and we will provide a price for Installation and Service so there are no surprises when you become a Subscriber.

Step 2. Installation

On the day we have Scheduled to come out and install the equipment necessary to get you an internet connection, we basically want to implement the plan we developed during the survey. We will make sure the internet gets installed in a clean and professional manner. We will help connect all your devices to your business router and help complete the overall hookup of your internet services.

Step 3. Support

When you become part of the WPNP family, you will get our full support. Let’s face it, not all of us are experts when it comes to knowing all the features and benefits that come with a connection to the world wide web. Also, when moving from the city and having more traditional internet services like fiber or cable it can take a while to adjust to having this sort of country wi-fi operates. You can call us to help troubleshoot any problems you encounter, and you can even get a technician to come to your home at no charge (1 visit a year) to help or give guidance to you in your business. We will not nickel and dime you like a lot of other companies will do, and we will not leave you hanging with the unknown or on the phone with tech support based in other countries.

Rural Areas - That's us

We focus on the needs of the rural communities and local underserved areas where the wire-line companies will not go. If you have a home or business with no cable, no DSL, or no fiber internet service providers, then WPNP may be able to help. Different from cellular internet (strict data limits) and satellite internet (high latency), we deliver a fixed-wireless connection to your location with low latency and high performance.

The bottom line for most, it’s all about the speed. WPNP provides fast reliable internet access from our private wireless network infrastructure. Our exclusive fiber backhaul provides city-style internet quality to those living in the country. Don’t get fooled by other providers with slow upload speeds! We provide symmetrical services on all Plans. Plus, we live in the community too so all of us here are committed to providing you with the best quality services available.