Virtual Private Network

What is right for yor business?

Whether you are looking to securely connect two locations or 2,000 locations, WPNP offers a cost-effective solution that will meet the needs of your business.

What is a virtual private network?

 VPN’s allow organizations to securely extend their LANs over the Internet by encrypting the data traffic. VPNs create the ideal infrastructure for providing a secure method for the exchange of data and network resources with employees, partners, suppliers, and business associates.

Key Features
To ensure data security on the Internet, there are three requirements:

How VPN Works

A VPN is an umbrella term that refers to all the technologies enabling secure communications over the public Internet. VPN uses “tunnels” between two gateways to protect private data as it travels over the Internet. Tunneling is the process of encapsulating private IP packets into a public IPSec packet. Once the authentication and authorization between the VPN gateways are established, the tunnel is created and the users can send and receive data across the Internet.

A VPN tunnel establishes a secure connection between two sites over the Internet.